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Holland Hospital | Boven Birth Center

Holland Hospital | Boven Birth Center

Fishbeck was hired to provide all mechanical and electrical systems design services for this heavy renovation project, which expanded and modernized the hospital’s birthing center.

The project came with several complicating aspects to overcome including low floor-to-floor heights and three construction phases. Fishbeck performed extensive field investigations to ensure there were no significant surprises during the construction phase.

HVAC was provided to the existing area by three air handling systems that required replacement. Fishbeck determined we could eliminate one new air handler by installing a larger one within the same penthouse mechanical room. Due to the construction phasing, temporary ductwork was provided to ensure existing occupied areas were never without service. Due to the constrained mechanical room spaces, shipping splits were carefully designed to ensure individual air handler sections would fit through the available installation pathways. All three air handlers were variable air volume style with prefilters, heating coils, chilled water coils and final filters.

The construction was completed in 2020 and the client was very happy that the project had come in within schedule and budget.