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Parking Planning/Design/Restoration Projects

Michigan State University | Grand River Avenue Parking Ramp

New parking structure merges into nationally recognized historic campus.
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City of Grand Rapids | Monroe Center No. 2 Parking Facility

Integrated design revitalizes downtown urban experience.
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City of Ann Arbor | Parking Structures Restoration

Restoring the downtown infrastructure.
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Western Michigan University | Hilltop Village Parking Structure

Hilltop Village aims to create a cutting-edge parking solution, replacing Burnham Hall with a state-of-the-art structure accommodating 350 spaces for students, staff, and visitors alike.
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City of East Lansing | Parking Structure Restoration

Maintaining the pulse of the city.
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City of Hudson, New York | Parking Improvement Feasibility Study

Studies to bring history into the modern age.
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City of Grand Rapids | Wedge Lot Addition to Ottawa-Fulton Parking Ramp Study

Study drives future parking structure mixed-use in evolving downtown.
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