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City of Ludington | Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

City of Ludington | Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Fishbeck assisted the City with improvements to their WWTP and collection system by providing planning, design, and construction administration services.

The City’s existing WWTP consists of aerated lagoons, final clarifiers, and chlorination. Increased flow and loading has necessitated treatment improvements. The upgrades were designed to treat the significant industrial loading observed in recent years. WWTP improvements included constructing a new headworks building with septage receiving, mechanical bar screen, and vortex grit removal; converting one of the existing lagoons to an equalization basin, two extended aeration treatment basins, and two biosolids storage basins; replacing final clarifier mechanisms; constructing a baffled/serpantine-walled chlorine contact tank and implementing dechlorination equipment; replacing clarifier feed pumps, return activated sludge pumps, treatment blowers, and the pumps at the main collection system pump station; and upgrading the electrical system and installing stand-by power generators.

Fishbeck also helped the City obtain a low-interest loan from Michigan’s Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund (State Revolving Fund, SRF).