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Meritage Hospitality Group | Wendy’s Plainfield Avenue

Meritage elected to participate in the early adopter prototype program to design and construct one of the first Wendy’s Smart 2.0 buildings throughout the country. The Smart 2.0 prototype is the next generation prototype Wendy’s restaurant that is designed around customer kiosk ordering at the entry with front counter pickup. The early adopter prototype program requires that other building features such as the covered patio be included. The franchisee agrees to provide feedback on this new prototype to further enhance the design before the prototype becomes the current design standard for Wendy’s. Fishbeck participated in a work session with Meritage, Wendy’s, additional designers, and contractors to further discuss construction costs associated with the Smart 2.0 prototype, potential design improvements, and Wendy’s prototype process improvements.

Fishbeck completed the civil site plans and the building plans. The building design included architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing plans.The site was home to an older Wendy’s drive-thru restaurant, and the existing building was small and in need of replacement. The site was also long and narrow, challenging Fishbeck’s civil team with building placement, drive-thru design, access drives, and proper parking placement.