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Maru Hospitality Group | Ando Sushi and Bar

Maru Hospitality Group | Ando Sushi and Bar

Ando Sushi + Bar in Grand Rapids’ popular West Side neighborhood is touted by its self-made restaurateur as a Korean-Asian fusion experience. Located in the 4-story, 60,000-sf mixed-use Barley Flats building, it has become an integral entertainment destination for West Michigan.

Through in-depth programming and design charettes, Fishbeck collaborated with the owner to envision this new venture. The restaurateur wanted a venue that incorporated the feel of their existing, popular Maru Hospitality Group restaurants, but was unique and befitting of this West Side neighborhood.

Fishbeck crafted the image, experience, and layout of the restaurant to meet the project’s conceptual needs reminiscent of Korean street food establishments, including an entry sequence connecting patrons visually to the chef, seating arrangements and furniture concepts, and lighting. Interior design features include unique lighting, intricate quilted tile bar design, metal and wood view box displays pulling energy from Korean craftsmanship, natural cork wallcovering, and recycled wood harvested from fallen Asian trees.

Working closely with the engineering subcontractors, food service consultant, and the contractor/developer, Fishbeck provided architectural and interior design and planning services resulting in this unique and vibrant foodie venue.