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MDOT | M-5 Bridge

The Fishbeck team provided full construction of two non-motorized pedestrian bridges allowing for safe connectivity to local recreational trails on either side of M-5. In addition, the team coordinated with the contractor to ensure proper utility coordination and safety protocol of all utilities affected by the construction of the two bridges, approach ramps, bridge lighting and aesthetics, and drainage continues to allow for minimal disruption to traffic on M-5.

As a highly visual contribution to the community, in coordination with Commerce Township, the construction of two concrete sail walls at the abutments offer a unique and aesthetically engaging addition to the path, showcasing Commerce Township’s predominant beach and water tourist attractions. Additionally, wave panel systems span the north and south sides of bridge P01 including the Commerce Township logo and lettering across the southern bridge face. Decorative lighting fixtures and color changing aesthetic lighting amenities were featured in the design.