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WMU | BTR Park

In a partnership with the City of Kalamazoo, WMU developed a 200-acre business technology and research park into the new Parkview Campus, which houses the College of Engineering. The University formed public/private partnerships to benefit both the engineering students and the industry. Over 20 acres of this development was designated for a unique stormwater treatment system and outdoor laboratory. Instead of traditional mowed lawns, prairie restoration provides habitat, minimizes stormwater runoff, and improves the quality of stormwater. This innovative, sustainable site development has resulted in zero discharge of stormwater runoff to the neighboring community and has become home to a diverse wildlife habitat.

WMU has partnered with Oshtemo Township to develop Phase 2 on WMU’s Colony Farm Orchard property located between Drake Road and US-131. The new development provides additional parcels for BTR-type businesses, and enhances the property through resilient landscapes, stormwater management strategies, and site amenities encouraging health and well being for the businesses and greater community.