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Meijer | Detroit

Meijer | Detroit

Fishbeck was the prime design consultant working for Meijer on a new, 195,000 sf grocery store and 2,640-sf gas station and convenience store included as the anchor in a new, 36-acre development on 8 Mile Road and Woodward Avenue in the City of Detroit.

The project was developed by prominent business people from the City of Detroit doing business as Detroit Gateway Park, LLC, and includes over 350,000 sf of new retail/commercial buildings.

The project included creation and development of a new merchandising format store design for Meijer to use in urban markets that will be similar to their standard stores, but will include many unique features for the urban setting.

Fishbeck assisted Meijer with the layout and design of Meijer’s 17-acre portion of the site. Unique features included additional site security, including brighter site lighting, video surveillance security, incorporation of public transportation, and separation of shipping/receiving activities from the public part of the site.

Another important site development focus was to reduce stormwater discharge from the site due to the City having only combined sewers in this area. Innovative stormwater management elements for the project (such as stormwater reuse onsite, or offsite at a nearby cemetery) are being considered. This reduction in stormwater discharge could save Meijer hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced, City-assessed stormwater fees.

Fishbeck also participated on a multidisciplinary team assembled to program and design the new store, including a new store exterior emphasizing identity and branding, a new store layout, and new integrated systems for refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting improving quality and energy performance.