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City of Coldwater | Seeley Booster Pump Station

City of Coldwater | Seeley Booster Pump Station

The Seeley Road water booster station was one of six separate construction projects under the Northeast Road and Utility Improvements contract. Fishbeck was the prime consultant and performed all planning, design, and construction phase engineering services throughout the project.

The water booster station utilizes three horizontal split case pumps to pump from the City’s low-pressure district to the high-pressure district where Clemens Food Group is located. The pumps are normally run to fill the elevated tank near this large industrial user and are equipped with variable frequency drives to allow them to run in a pressure control mode if the tank is down for maintenance.

Pressure reducing valves were installed at two locations to supplement fire flows near the pressure district boundaries. Hydraulic modeling of the distribution system was used to size the pump station and water main to supply the needed pressures and fire flows.