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Now We Are Fishbeck

​In November 2019, we officially changed our name to Fishbeck!


Why did you change your name?

We made the decision to embrace the name Fishbeck since clients and staff alike have widely used it for years. It is a well-recognized, easy-to-say name that carries with it a rich history and trusted reputation.

What about Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr, & Huber?

Our original founders and namesakes will always be honored in our firm’s history. We owe them respect and admiration for their work to create a legacy and a strong reputation in the industry. We have grown tremendously in the last 60 years; we wanted to provide clarity to our clients and represent the talent and expertise we have today, while recognizing our beginnings.

Has your ownership changed?

No, Fishbeck remains an employee-owned firm.

How does this affect me?

You have an easier name to say! You will need to update your records to show Fishbeck as our company name and note our new email addresses. That is all!

What is the significance of your new logo?

At our core, we are engineers, architects, scientists, and constructors. The new logo incorporates a square for each of our four disciplines, while also representing the solid, anchored company our reputation is built upon. Marine, the shade of teal we selected, reflects the attributes our firm represents such as trustful, artistic, genuine, responsible, and empathetic.

What changes have you made?

We will continue to provide the services and expertise that our clients have come to expect. Only how we are known, seen, and contacted has changed.

• Our company name has changed to Fishbeck.

• Our website is now

• Our email addresses have transitioned to

• Our logo is new – you will see it on our buildings and our trucks!

Do I need a new contract? Do I need a new Certificate of Insurance?

No, any document with the original name will continue to be valid and binding. New documents will have the Fishbeck name.

How do I get a copy of your new logo?

Contact to request logo usage and brand guide.


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